Celebrate Girl Power With This Wonder Woman Gift Guide

first_imgKeep warm under this plush 46″ x 60″ throw blanket. Fits a twin sized bed just fine, as well as being great for a couch, guest room, futon, or just snuggling up while you read some Wonder Woman comics!DC Stars KnapsackEven the best warriors need a place to store all their keepsakes when on the move. Grab this catchy Wonder Woman backpack for all your wonderful needs!Wonder Woman Lamp For decades Lynda Carter was THE live-action Wonder Woman. To this day fans spin around pretending to transform into Wonder Woman just like Lynda Carter did. Celebrate her legacy with this beautifully crafted statue from Sideshow Collectibles, one of the best in the business!The Secret History of Wonder Woman This wonderful art print from FamouStars is available in all sorts of sizes from 5″ x 7″ all the way to 24″ x 36″ so you can get the right size for your decorating needs! This beautiful Wonder Woman tiara based on the one Gal Gadot wears in the movies is perfect for a cosplay or a costume party! Plus, 10% of the proceeds go to benefit the American Breast Cancer Foundation.Wonder Woman PerfumeEver wonder what Wonder Woman’s signature scent would be? “Wonder” no more, because it’s already bottled up for you to smell just like her, and not in a creepy way!Wonder Woman Art Print 11 Groundbreaking Female Comic Book ArtistsToy Tuesday: 11 Coolest Toys of 2018 Since premiering in All Star Comics #8 in 1941, Wonder Woman has been a pop culture icon. Though her powers and origin have changed a little here and there, she’s always stood for justice and empowerment. For some, she’ll always be a triumphant comic book hero. Others remember her from being in Super Friends or from when Lynda Carter played her on the small screen. While he popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, she has made her mark this generation being played by Gal Gadot in three major blockbuster films since 2016. Her rising popularity means more people are looking for Wonder Woman gift ideas than ever before, and we’re here to help!Wonder Woman: The True Amazon Stay on targetcenter_img Last year saw the release of the film Professor Marston and the Wonder Women about the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, and his polyamorous relationship. This book details his life, his relationship, as well as going into the important role feminism of the time played in crafting the character of Wonder Woman. This is the perfect gift for your nonfiction fans you’re trying to get into Wonder Woman!Wonder Woman Through The Years MugCelebrate the legacy of Wonder Woman from the Golden Age of Comics to today with this mug that every Wonder Woman fan will be jealous you have! Keep it at home for your favorite guests or keep it in the office kitchen and make your co-workers wish they had one!Wonder Woman Throw Blanket These officially licensed, gold-plated Wonder Woman logo cufflinks gives you the perfect excuse to let your geek flag fly at even the fanciest of occasions. These are no mythical bracers though, so please do not attempt to deflect bullets.Replica Tiara Light up your home with this Wonder Woman themed lamp! Blue with stars at the best, the iconic logo on the shade with the lasso of truth connecting the two. Perfect for a nightstand or end table!Wonder Woman Cufflinks Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. This gorgeous modern retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin is just what you or a loved one need to dive into the mythos of this beloved character. Written and illustrated by Wonder Woman veteran Jill Thompson, this spellbinding book highlighting the fantastical elements of Themyscira is brought to life with brilliant watercolors in this award-winning graphic novel!Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Statuelast_img read more